Basic Wrap

Basic Wrap
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The Relax Wraps Basic Wrap is a simple rectangle, offering relief to a sore knee or cramping tummy. At 6" x 14," the Basic Wrap can target any area in pain, with both hot and cold. Weight: 2 lbs. All Relax Wraps can go in both the microwave and the freezer. They won't take on odor like rice, corn, buckwheat, or cherry pits, they are filled with 100% Flax. Double-lined for added durability. Relax Wraps is a small family business in Nashville, TN. We make all of our wraps by hand and guarantee our quality 100%. Small orders ship via USPS, and large orders by FedEx. Orders ship in 4 business days or less!
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Each $22.00
Sale Price $18.00
2 or more $15.00 each
5 or more $12.00 each
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