Collar & Back Set

Collar & Back Set
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Enjoy a Relax Wraps Collar Wrap around neck and shoulders, while relieving back pain with a Back Wrap! Collar is 5 lbs, Back Wrap is 2 lbs and has a Velcro closure. Double-lined for added durability. All Relax Wraps can go in both the microwave and the freezer. They won't take on odor like rice, corn, buckwheat, or cherry pits, they are filled with 100% Flax. Double-lined for added durability. Relax Wraps is a small family business in Nashville, TN. We make all of our wraps by hand and guarantee our quality 100%. Small orders ship via USPS, and large orders by FedEx. Orders ship in 4 business days or less!
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Each $96.00
Sale Price $80.00
2 or more $75.00 each