Eye Wrap

Eye Wrap
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The Eye Wrap helps relieve many symptoms, like puffy and tired eyes, headache, migraine, insomnia, stress and sinus pressure. If you would like to relax more, or have trouble falling asleep, you may want to select your Eye Wrap with a Hint of Lavender. If you have migraines, Unscented will work best for you. All Relax Wraps can go in both the microwave and the freezer. They won't take on odor like rice, corn, buckwheat, or cherry pits, they are filled with 100% Flax. Double-lined for added durability. Relax Wraps is a small family business in Nashville, TN. We make all of our wraps by hand and guarantee our quality 100%. Orders ship in 4 business days or less! We are happy to include a hand-written note, just include what you would like it to say in Special Instructions! We do not include an invoice in case you would like to ship straight to a friend. Small orders ship via USPS, and large orders by FedEx. Note: We do not offer the 10 Herb Blend for the Eye Wrap, some of the herbs are a bit powerful for regular use around the eye area.
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